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      Chongqing Comet Translation Company is a professional translation company engages mainly in science & technical engineering, we can translate from/to multi languages including English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., We are able to give prompt and accurate translation to documents of all fields in bulks, which covers commercial information, legal papers, contracts, science & technical documents,

      company profile, products description, technical instructions, training brochures, financial/accounting reports, emigration documents and notarizations, etc., and we also undertakes translation of special processes and products. We have over 30 full time translators and hundreds of part time translators from masters of famous universities in China, returned students from studying overseas, foreign technical specialists, English linguists, etc.. They had grasp languages and rich experience in translation (at least 5 years experience in translation), and our staffs has good technical knowledge background.

      Comet Translation is professional translator in fields such as: automobile, lathe, medicine, law, finance, insurance, mechanism, electronics, computer, aerospace, communication, automation, chemical industry, biological industry, agriculture, petroleum, natural gas, power, geography, environment protection, metallurgy and architecture, etc.. Comet Translation Company is equipped with OA system, and our translators use software like Microsoft ? Office, Adobe ? Photoshop, AutoCAD, CorelDraw for text/graphic designing, thus to meet with all requests from our clients.

      Comet Translation has adhered to the principle of Faith, Secrecy, Accuracy and Speed. We are offering you first class professional service with reasonable translation process, strict quality control system, unique translator assessment standard, modern OA, which guarantees the quality of our translation products.

      We are pursuing linguistic communication, cultural communication, ideological communication and mind communication. Our work is to understand and to be understood, we are seeking balance and harmony.

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